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Flyer on African activities [PDF, English]

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Jacobs, T., Borstlap, G., Bartholomé, E., Maathuis, B. H. P., 2008, DevCoCast in support of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development in Africa, 7th International Conference of African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) on Earth Observation and Geo-Information for Governance in Africa, Accra, Ghana
[PDF, English]

Sathyendranath, S., Ahanhanzo, J., Bernard, S., Byfield, V., Delaney, L., Dowell, M., Field, J., Groom, S., Hardman-Mountford, N., Hoepffner, N., Jacobs, T., Kampel, M., Kumar, S., Lutz, V., Platt, T., 2009, ChloroGIN: Use of satellite and in situ data in support of ecosystem-based management of marine resourses, OceanObs′09 Community White Paper, Venice, Italy
Available online at OceanObs′09 web site ( last checked in March 2010 )

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