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Past experiences have already shown the value of EUMETCast and GEONETCast in providing Earth Observation products to Developing Countries. Extending the system with more products, from more sources, and more receivers and users is relatively straightforward. Building and maintaining the capacity for the receiving organizations to use the provided products, is more challenging.

But the ultimate goal is to go right down to the end of the chain: to embed the provided products into every day environmental monitoring services, planning and decision making processes and research, all tailored for the end users.

This means to integrate the provided products and GEONETCast in everyday applications and research.

The project will therefor only be a complete success, if not only the product providers, but also the users do not want to work any more without GEONETCast!

In fact, a number of user organizations are directly supported by the project to not only show how they integrate the provided products into their systems, but also to share this experience within their usual network.

The following use cases are developed as part of DevCoCast project:

  • In Brazil, the integration into
    • agricultural monitoring and crop forecasting systems at CONAB
    • a variety of agriculture-oriented projects, throughout a network of 40 research distributed accross nearly all Brazilian states by EMBRAPA
    • increasing access to and use of GEONETCast products in INPE′s network of universities, State Environmental Secretaries, energy companies
    • improvement of soybean and sugarcane conditions and crop masks, which are relevant for Brazil′s bio-energy production
  • In Argentina
    • provision of e-bulletins and data on vegetation, crop condition and yield estimates and drought impact to a variety of public and private end-users by the CREAN centre at the university of Cordoba
    • provision to end users for product training and to researchers for product improvements and further analysis by INTA
  • in African marine institutes to improve the monitoring of 4 large marine ecosystems
  • in 3 pilot national Desert Locust centres in Eritrea, Mali and Sudan
  • in China, the integration into a prototype downstream information system, that will be used to explore the Chinese marked for Yellow Sea data further.

In addition, DevCoCast supports several other applications of GEONETCast in Africa and Latin America, including:

  • The monitoring of forests, rangeland and natural parks in Kenya, in cooperation with the Endeleo project
  • Training the African trainers and building regional applications in western and southern Africa , in cooperation with the VGT@Work project
  • Monitoring the agriculture and climate of South Africa

Last update: May 3, 2013

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