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Capacity Building

The training workshops related to African land applications and products, across the different projects, have been grouped on the Africa portal. Please look at that web site for the latest updates.

The details from the past DevCoCast workshops on ocean and coastal applications in Africa, as well as the workshops targeting South America, can be found here.

DevCoCast particularly supported local networking and knowledge sharing, to further maximize the use of GEONETCast and the provided products, as well as to ensure a link with already existing user communities and training networks.

Another important aspect was cross-fertilization:

  • between continents, through e.g.
    • inviting African users to attend a CBERS training in Brazil
    • getting trainers from Europe, Africa and South America to give joint trainings
  • between user communities and application themes, by trying to combine training materials and experiences from
    • DevCoCast′s land and ocean trainings
    • the regular EUMETCast and GEONETCast trainings from INPE and EUMETSAT
    • and the GEONETCast and risk management and inland water resource trainings from ITC

This again shows how GEONETCast as core infrastructure brings together EO providers, users and trainers accross the world!

Links to other sources of EUMETCast and GEONETCast training in Africa and Latin America

Last update: May 3, 2013

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